Family Photos at Matilda Bay with Jasmaine and Jeem

Jasmaine and Jeem, and their two gorgeous boys recently visited Perth, en route to Margaret River, for a family holiday. They reached out to us for some advice on nice spots to have some family photos done. With our input, they settled on taking their family photos at Matilda Bay, and nearby locations. It’s hard to beat a warm summers afternoon down by the river.

The shoot started at the popular tree grove opposite the Swan Brewery, followed by the iconic Crawley Edge Boat Shed. Unfortunately our plan to do some relaxed, lifestyle photos with the family at a cafe in Matilda Bay was thwarted. The cafe had closed by the time we got there. So, after a quick change of clothes, we opted for some casual family photos on the grass and sand of Matilda Bay instead. Due to a rather late start, to fit in with sleep times, we did run out of light towards the end of the session. We still managed get a lot of great images for Jasmaine and Jeem.

You’ll see that this session feels a bit more formal / traditional than a lot of our other work. This is often the case when including a fairly young child in family group photos. Young children feature more nicely in slightly more formal group arrangements. As children get older and are able to engage with their surroundings more, our sessions take on more of a “lifestyle” or “editorial” feel. Both approaches, traditional and lifestyle that is, can yield fantastic results. In both approaches we look for locations and beautiful light to complement our clients, and then aim to capture their personality. That said, every family is different, and interact differently. That’s what we love about meeting each new client. What’s even better is photographing families again and again as children grow up and bring more personality to each session.

Family Photos at Matilda BayFamily Photos at Matilda Bay, PerthFamily Photos at Matilda Bay, Perth

Family Photos at Matilda Bay | Deprimo Photography