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Based in Perth, but also servicing greater Western Australia, Deprimo Photography specialises in portrait and commercial photography. Portraiture services include actors' headshots, corporate and executive headshots, social media profile images, and of course family photos (ranging from formal group photos through to relaxed and very casual documentary coverage of family events). Commercial photography services include product / catalogue photography, architecture and location photography, and all things relating to your business, be it people or products as well as event coverage.

To find out more about Deprimo Photography and who we are please have a look through the about us page. Or to see a more visual representation be sure to browse through our portfolios and blog posts. If you have a question, please contact us.

About Us

Deprimo Photography is based in Perth, Western Australia, and is owned and run by Chris Ingram. So technically that tells you the key facts, but not a lot more.

Who is Deprimo Photography? Where does the name Deprimo come from? What is Deprimo Photography all about? Why are we taking photos? What does this all mean to me? Now those are some questions worth answering!

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